About 511NJ Alerts 


Q.  How do I change my user preferences(s)?

A.  Log into your New Jersey 511 Personal Traveler Profile account at www.511nj.org to change account or travel preference information.

Q.  How often are alerts sent out?
A.  Alerts are sent out as traffic management center staff enter or update event information.

Q.  How do I receive alerts for other areas in your service areas(s)?

A.  If you’re in New Jersey, you can add additional roadway areas by adding / modifying a ‘Traffic Profile’ under ‘Alert Profiles’ in your New Jersey 511 ‘My 511NJ’ account.


Q.  What are My 511NJ Personalized Alerts?

My 511NJ Personalized Alerts is a free service that helps you better navigate New Jersey’s highways, in real time, where you want it, when you need it. My NJ511 Alerts will notify subscribers of accidents, incidents and construction on the state highways, toll roads as well as bridge and tunnel crossings they choose.


The information you receive is the same information you will find on the 511NJ phone system as well as the 511NJ.org website.


However you decide you would like to find out about traffic conditions in New Jersey, you will get the most up to date information available, where you want, when you want it. 

Q.  How will I receive My 511NJ Alerts?

 A.  Alerts are sent to subscribers' cell phones, PDAs (i.e. Blackberrys, iphones) and or e-mail accounts. 

Q.  What type of devices will accept My 511NJ Personalized Alerts? 
Subscribers must confirm that their device's service provider supports e-mail or Short Message Service (SMS) and that their personal accounts include this capability. SMS messages are limited to 160 characters due to the limitations of many cellular phones. 

Q.  How do I subscribe? 

A.  Subscribing to My 511NJ is easy! Follow these step by step directions:

  • Click the "Personalized Services" tab
  • Enter your account information and acknowledge that you have read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice.
  • Click "Create Account" button

For your protection, you’ll need to confirm the account creation, by responding to an email that we’ll send you.  Once you have confirmed the e-mail, you may begin to create your profile.

The information gathered for this service remains private. For more information, please refer to our privacy notice

 Q.  What is a Profile and how many can I have?

A.  A Profile is a route that is used to reach a destination. A subscriber to My 511NJ Alerts can maintain up to 10 profiles.  Each profile can contain a maximum of three roadways. 

Q.  How do I determine my Profile?

A.  A typical Profile would take you from your home to your office.

 For example, if you lived in New Brunswick and commuted to Jersey City, your profile could be:

  • NJ Turnpike from Interchange 9 to Interchange 14
  • NJ Turnpike Extension to the Holland Tunnel

Under this scenario, you can select sections or roads, the time of day as well as the days of the week.

  • Choose "Roadway"
  • Choose the "Start Point" and "End Point" for your first segment.
  • Click "Add"
  • Choose the "Start Point" and "End Point" for your second segment.
  • Click "Add"
  • Choose the "Beginning" and "Ending" timeframe for which you would like to receive traffic alerts.
  • Choose the days of the week on which you would like to receive alerts.
  • Select the delivery method for your alerts. You may choose e-mail or an SMS message to your cell phone.
  • Name your profile. Use a name that you can easily remember such as "Work" or "Daily Commute."
  • Check the "Activate" box and then click "Submit."

You will receive real time information on incidents, contruction and congestion delays during this timeframe.

Please note that the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is not responsible for inadvertent errors, omissions or delayed delivery of My 511NJPersonalized Alert messages. 

 Q.  Can you send My 511NJ Alerts to more than one e-mail address or mobile device?

 A.  My 511NJ allows an individual to create a profile with one or two notification addresses. Alerts can be sent to multiple notification addresses if the user sets up separate profiles in his or her account that cover the same segment but have different notification addresses or if the user creates separate accounts.

SMS messages are limited to 160 characters due to the limitations of many cellular phones. 

Please note that each e-mail address registered to My NJ511 may be associated with only one account. 

Q.  In setting up my account, I’m having difficulty in getting messages to my mobile phone. What should I do?

A.  Enter you cell phone number, including area code, with out spaces, followed by the “@” then the appropriate wireless carriers domain for text messaging:

  • myboostmobile.com for Boost Mobile (ex: 2011234567@myboostmoblie.com)
  • messaging.nextel.com for Nextel (ex: 2011234567@messaging.nextel.com)
  • messaging.sprintpcs.com for Sprint PCS (ex: 2011234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com)
  • tmomail.net for T-Mobile (ex: 2011234567@tmomail.net)
  • vtext for Verizon Wireless (ex 2011234567@vtext.com)
  • vmobl.com for Virgin Mobile USA (ex: 2011234567@vmobl.com)
  • txt.att.net, for AT&T (ex: 2011234567@txt.att.net)

  Can I receive My 511NJ Alerts to both an e-mail address and Text (SMS) messages      

A.  Yes. 

.  Are delivery charges associated with SMS and email messages?
A.  Standard carrier message rates apply - This is not a NJDOT/511NJ.org fee.
 NJDOT does not charge for delivery.

  How many devices/e-mail addresses can I sign up?
Subscribers may provide two notification addresses per account.

 I subscribed, but I entered the wrong e-mail address. What should I do now?
You may log in to your My 511NJ account using your username and password and select the "User Preferences" menu option. You may change your e-mail address in this menu area.

Q.  Is there a way to confirm my subscription to My 511NJ Personalized Alerts?
Yes, For your safety, in order for your account to be activated you MUST respond to the email that was sent to the e-mail address you provided when you created your account.

 I subscribed, but I want to change m
y profile's routes, days or times. What should I do now?

Log in to your my My 511NJ Alerts account using your username and password. You will find a list of profile(s) that you have created. You must select the"Edit" button next to the profile name that you wish to change. Your profile details will be displayed for editing purposes.
  • In order to change a route, remove the route(s) about which you no longer desire notification. Add new route(s) about which you wish to receive notification.
  • In order to change your days for notification, select the day(s) that you wish to change. 
  • In order to change the time period for which you would like to be notified, select time(s) from the dropdown menu. When you have changed the days and/or times, select the "Submit" button. 

Q.  How do I retrieve a forgotten Password?

Go to the My 511NJ Alerts login page.

  • Select the "Forgot your Password" link.

  • Enter the Username of the account.

  • Select "Submit."

  • The system will notify you by e-mail of your Password via the address you provided.The password can be readjusted after you log back into the system by accessing the "Change Password" feature. 

Q.  I forgot my Username.  How do I find out what it is?
Please contact us

Q.  How do I unsubscribe from My 511NJ Alerts?

A.  Log in to your My 511NJ account with your Username and Password. Select the "Unsubscribe" option. Confirm your desire to unsubscribe. Upon confirmation, My 511NJ will stop contacting you within 24 hours. 

Q.  My e-mail address has changed. How can I continue to receive My NJ511 alerts?

A.  You may log in to your My 511NJ Alerts  account with your Username and Password, select the "User Preferences" option and change your e-mail address.

Q.  What will happen to personal information that I provide?

A.  The information is stored in a database for notification purposes only. See our privacy notice for full details.  

Q.  I am not receiving the My 511NJ Alerts. Why?

A.  You can start receiving alerts by taking the following steps: 

  • Check your profile(s) and ensure that the profile is active and covers your preferred alert area and time period. If the profile appears to fit these criteria, please provide specific information in the Feedback area of My 511NJ. NJDOT will investigate the situation. 

  • If you viewed alerts in the Alert Log but did not receive the alerts in your notification account, your notification account may have rejected the messages. You may wish to contact your service provider and state that you did not receive alerts that were sent to your from info@My511NJ.org. 

  • Check your SPAM folder to see if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is filtering the messages. Follow your ISP's instructions in order to prevent your ISP from filtering the messages.

Q.  How do I prevent SPAM filters from blocking My 511NJ Alerts?
Inform your provider that you have signed up for the My511NJ.org notification service and would like to ensure that the alerts are delivered, rather than intercepted as SPAM.

  • Here's a tip: Add info@my511NJ.org to your address book. Many providers do not filter messages from addresses found in your personal address book.

Q.  My SPAM filter is blocking My 511NJ Alerts.  What should I do?

 A.  Most notification providers allow you to specify a domain, such as info@my511nj.org, as non-SPAM. Follow your notification provider's directions or contact your notification provider on this issue.

Q.  My e-mail provider will not allow My 511NJ Alerts. What steps should they take to make sure alerts are not treated as SPAM or deleted completely?

A.  Your notification provider should ensure that it is following its process for white-listing My511NJ.org.

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